Let’s get this show on the road.

Single Christians get horny.  Yep, I said it.

The biggest struggle on my walk with Christ  is this desire swing from the chandeliers.   I didn’t save myself for marriage and I have had some great sex so it impedes on my desire to be obedient to God.   In this walk, whether people want to admit to it or not there are major stumbling blocks.   For some people it is drugs.  Others it is shopping.  My hang up is PAYNUS.

I have not had sex in going on a year, and to be quite honest it is not because I haven’t wanted to; it is because there are no peen prospects.   Since God is the author of all things,  He orchestrated this for me because he knows that I am weak in that area. There have been times I have been in prayer and flat out said to God “I want to have sex!” Since I was honest and showed my heart,  he set up some road blocks until I can obey Him with a man in my presence.  I am thankful because right now, I cannot do it on my own.   Therefore I must live the single life until I have the strength to obey Him and not drop my draws for my future boyfriend.

I equate my weakness to a child who wants to make him or herself a meal but if you give them the tools to do that too early you can put them in danger.  That child may leave the stove on and burn the house down.   Even if that child does not burn the house down, the meal may be under cooked, thus making that child ill.  Either way, that child must be protected until he or she matures.

My walk with Christ in the sex arena is still a crawl…a slow crawl.  Although God has blocked another physical body from being in my presence, it doesn’t take my mind away from the sexual fantasies.   It is an every day struggle and sometimes I loose.  My goal in this area is just to stay committed to the process.  If I stay committed I will grow and mature.

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