As I progress in life, one of the lessons I have learned is about this concept of friends.   The word friend is defined differently contingent on the person.  To some people,  every person that they hang out with is considered a friend.  Others like me draw clear lines.

A friend to me ranks just as high as family (I will explain why in a separate post; don’t forget that I said that).  Friends know where the bodies are buried, the will tell you the truth even if you do not want to necessarily hear it and they love you for who you are, flaws and all.   If you don’t fit every one of those criteria, you are not a friend.  Although I draw clear lines, I do use the term friend to describe people I know because it is just easier to do than have all of these random labels.   However, trust me when I say that everyone does not fit that definition.

My experience has taught me that everyone that comes into your presence is not meant to be a friend.  The reason being is because everyone that I am cordial with cannot meet that standard. Some people are assignments from God,  others are vessels from God.  The person can be either the assignee or assignor-You are supposed to help them or they help you then they are suppose to keep it moving.   The vessels either come to help you and/or teach you something.  Either way, assignment and vessels are seasonal people.  They aren’t meant to be in your life forever.

My ex boyfriend told me something that I will always carry with me about us and people in general:  As humans we confuse connections.  We see people we like and we put them in places where they should not reside.  That alone can cause us hurt and pain.

When you meet new people, pay attention.  Use your God given discernment and see where they are supposed to be.  This will help alleviate you spreading yourself too thin with temporary individuals.  It will also help in determining who is who so you can learn the lesson and/or complete the God given assignment.   If you still pay attention and a friend is no longer a friend (friends can and sometimes will have expiration dates) just  remember that divine order is real.   Also, always remember Romans 8:28. Good, bad and the ugly we experience can always make us victorious with the right perspective.

Be Blessed.  🙂

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