Watch me earn you.–Fitzgerald Grant on ABC’s Scandal

Some folks don’t like Scandal because of the whole side chick/mistress component.   I get it.  However, if you break the layers of skin and examine the subcutaneous, the message is one that EVERY woman should learn: MEN.CHOOSE.

I talked previously about my man chasing thirstiness and subsequent reprogramming.  Another part of that was learning that valuable lesson.  A man that wants you will come and get you.  There is no need to constantly do a Bojangles act to show how great of a woman you are.  If that man wants to be in your life and not just lay up in your love canal, he will take the initiative and invest in what you two can potentially have.    He will do what is necessary to earn your time, trust and heart.  All you have to do is be you and nothing extra.  Being you doesn’t mean not showing interest if your feelings are mutual, but it does mean only giving him what he has given you; quid pro quo.

If you have been dating for six months,  has he really earned you washing and ironing his clothes? I doubt it.  What has he given you to make you want to give him wife level type interaction?  Taking you out on dates and calling you his “girl” should not make the cut.

If you choose the man, he may entertain you because he likes things that you do for him, you liking you as a person is questionable.   He will take your sex, his clean clothes and the food you cook him until he finds that woman he really wants.  Once he finds the woman that he really wants to choose, he will say thank you for everything, but I no longer need your services.

Remember,  you are the prize. Prizes are worked for and won.   Present yourself to a potential mate as that and nothing less.

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