People that know me know that I have a problem with labeling themselves as having “class” or in particular, women who like to label themselves as “classy”.  The reason is because people have a  watered down, f*#%ed up the definition of the term.  

 Let’s examine this idea of class using the Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey.  Unless you are playing hide and go seek from life, you know that Mr. Ramsey not only saved three kidnapped women, but he also said he didn’t even want the reward money.   

 If you entertain the watered down, bulls$%! definition of class,  Mr. Ramsey would not know class if it hit him in the face.  He is a regular dude with a tooth missing and interesting hair (to say the least). He isn’t dressed well; he just isn’t socially appropriate. To the inept, shallow individual Mr. Ramsey is the antithesis of class.

Contrary to popular belief,  class is about your character; your heart.  It isn’t about what you look like or how well you play a part. It definitely isn’t about how well you dress or how well assimilated you are, or whether or not you drink or cuss in public.  Class is about what you do when no one is looking.  Class is also about what you are willing to do although you don’t have that obligation. 

Now people, take note:  If you want to use the label class, Charles Ramsey is your blueprint.   Charles Ramsey is by and far the classiest man in the media right now.  He is honest, giving, down to earth and an all around good dude.  He saved those women because he felt a duty.  No one was checking for Mr. Ramsey.  He isn’t here for shows and stunts.  He is my kind of man.   Now since you have been educated on what class really is, do you meet that standard? 


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