People are fickle.  They will come and go.   People will like you one day and hate you the next day.  You may grow apart from people.   Humans are not a constant, therefore you cannot put all of your stock in them.

In life you have to put every human in perspective, this includes friends and family.  Humans inherently come with a margin of error.  They will hurt and disappoint you.  You won’t always like what they say or represent.   You will hurt others through your actions whether or not those actions were intentional.

Human interaction is one of the main, if not the main reason why a relationship with God is essential.  God is a constant.  God will keep not only your secrets, but he  will help you keep humans in their proper place in your life: second to Him.  With his love, you will gain more compassion.  Your relationship will God will take the sting out of disappointment suffered at the hands of humans.   You will think twice about your actions with people so you won’t inflict pain.  You will be able to freely give without expecting a return on your investment.

Without a relationship with God, you may just make human approval your God.  Living your life for humans is the quickest way to self destruction.  Human opinion will be the death of you.

I challenge you to build your relationship with God.  Try to spend time with him daily.  If people pleasing is your weakness, began allowing Him to show you to put that weakness on the shelf.

Be Blessed. 🙂

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