Have you ever encountered a person who did not believe in Christ and/or believe in the Bible?  How did you respond?  

Here is a true story:  I was at work and a colleague of mine told me she thought the Bible was Aesop’s fables.   In all honesty,  I thought that this was a great opening to have a great dialogue.  I didn’t get mad; I was not upset.  I felt that it was the perfect opportunity not to just give lip service about Christ and the Bible, but to live it and show my colleague that I believe is truth.  

One of the main problems we have as Christians is the ability to communicate effectively.   Communication is verbal and nonverbal.  I have encountered many brothers and sisters in the Kingdom that literally ran people away because how they presented God’s word.  People repelled because brothers and sisters consciously and unconsciously push Christ down peoples throats.  The Holy Spirit is a gentle spirit.  If the Holy Spirit is gentle, what makes us think as humans we can force Christ on someone?  Furthermore, brothers and sisters would say “God bless you” with their mouths, but judge them and tell them they are going to hell with their body language.  Just because a person is not a believer doesn’t mean they can tell whether you are genuinely living the words you say.     As believers, it is crucial that we do not present God’s word on the back of a trash can.   It is not our job to argue with people that do not believe like you (Read the book of James).    It is also not our job to shun people that are not believers.  It is our job to stand in our belief of Christ and show that truth in how we interact with people.  If you are standing in truth, people will see that and do one or two things: get curious about Christ or repel from Christ.  At the end of the day, it is their choice to make.  You cannot usurp choice.  As Christians, we are seed planters, and it is up to the individual if they want to continue to sow the seed.  

As Christians, we can also communicate this spiritual arrogance through our tone and word usage by speaking a bunch of Christianese.  Christianese are those words that you always here Christians say, like anointed, favor, etc.  It is nothing wrong with Christianese, because I also use it but in seed planting it can present itself as unnecessary.  People need to be met where they are so you can show that you understand them and there is a spiritual answer for their needs.     Speaking Christianese to a person that does not know Christ does not help them.

Another way we present spiritual arrogance is running down a spiritual resume.   People that are hurting can care less how long you have been saved or that you know all the books of the bible and can quote word for word.  Can you show them how it applies to their life?   What if you come across someone who is hungry.  Are you going to show the Christ in you by feeding them a meal prior to discussing your faith, or are you going to tell them the story of how Jesus fed the multitude and keep stepping?  

As believers, we have to do better not just for ourselves but for other people who are looking for God but cannot find him in us because we can’t communicate the Christ in us to others.   I challenge each believer not not just talk about Christ,  but be about Christ.   Be transparent.  Be honest about your struggles.  Don’t get upset and push devotions in people’s faces.  Drop the seed and display the relationship versus the religion.  

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