I had been dreading a particular conversation with a client that I had yesterday.   I had my defenses all the way up and was absolutely prepared for the worst.  The conversation went a totally different direction that I expected; it was actually very pleasant and it renewed my excitement for our goals.  

At times,  your intuition can be wrong.  I was totally wrong and I am so glad that I was!  But remember for every time your intuition is wrong,  your intuition has been right about at least three times. 

Don’t ignore your intuition just because sometimes your are dead wrong.   If you are a believer,  your intuition is connected to your discernment.  If your discernment is weak, pray that God strengthens it.  discernment is CRUCIAL in protecting and guarding your heart.   

Your intuition deserves a margin of error.  Don’t become confused or doubt that voice just because you may misheard it every so often.  

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