When you are surrounded by successful people it can be easy to compare your life with others.   You may even feel at times inadequate when you witness your peers living out the life that you also want to live because you are not in the position to things that you want to do.

First things first:  You can’t make comparisons.  Most times, the comparisons are unfair because the people have had different life experiences; some people have had more set backs than others.  Making a comparison will only set you up to be envious.  When you finally come into your own, you don’t want others to throw envious energy at you, so try to control putting that energy out.  If you can’t help but feel envious, try to go in a corner and regroup.

Second, realize where you are in your life.  You may have had some stretches of financial instability.  You may have little to no support and your are financing your dreams on your own.  You may have to take care of other family members.  Your circumstances may not allow you to live that dream life right now.

Third, appreciate where you are and have faith that better will arrive.   One of the things I always tell myself that soon it will ALL be worth it.  Appreciate what you do have versus what you don’t have.

Fourth, stop looking in the other lane.  Stop worrying about what other people are doing.  Focus on you.  If you have to retreat just to focus and keep your life moving in the direction you want it to, do that.   If social media is driving you to compare, GET OFF OF IT.    Looking in someone else’s lane is doing nothing but slowing you down.  It will eventually make you crash into an abyss of negativity.   Their life is theirs.  Your life is yours.

Every day God allows you to wake up is a day your life can change, and you can work to change your life.  Instead of paying attention to what others are doing and making comparisons,  draft a strategic plan.  Turn your loosing hand into a winning one.  FOCUS.ON.YOU.

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