As a Christian,  there are some stereotypes that I actually abhor and tonight I would like to address some of this stupidity:

1.  Christians leave  their brain at the door when they enter a church.   To some, this may seem like it is the case but we are not all dead brained people who just take and follow whatever the pastor says and dump all of our money, including our rent money because it is “Godly”.   Some of us don’t attend a church on a regular basis.    Everything a pastor says isn’t golden because they stand in front of a pulpit.  Mess goes on in the church and it is not ignored.  We just don’t use that mess as an excuse not to be a believer.

2. Christians can’t read.   Not all Christians go to church to have the Word read to them.  Some of us read the Word and think about it critically, factoring in the historical events at the time the passage was written. We recognize that the Bible we use today was canonized.

3.  Christians do not like secular music/think secular music is evil.    This is one of my stereotypes I hate the most.  It is true that some Christians do not listen to secular music.  If secular music inhibits your relationship with Jesus, then by all means remove it.  However, that is not the case for me and a lot of other Christians.   I love rap music; Outkast is my favorite.  I love old school R and B.  Yes, some lyrics are explicit, and for the believers that are influenced by music very heavily  they may need to curb some of the music.   But for me and others,  we can compartmentalize and it doesn’t jeopardize our relationship with God.   Besides,  when I get married I can’t make love to my husband to Fred Hammond and Hillsong United…I am just saying….

4.  All Christians believe in the Illuminati.   This is another stereotype that makes me want to throw up!!!  Not all of us believe that every rich person with influence is the devils pawn through this secret organization.   Now personally, I do believe in demonic activity but  Tupac and Biggie being blood sacrifices is just……sigh………

5. Christians are intolerant.  I will say this,  there are some of my brothers and sisters that do make Christians look bad with some of the idiotic things that come out of their mouths.  However, this is not all of us.   I believe  in the Word but I also believe that Jesus does not usurp our choice, so as a human I do not have the right to do so either (read the old testament and peep those if/then statements given to the prophets like Isaiah–if/then statements indicate that people have a choice).  Therefore, some Christians allow people to make their own choices.  Allowing a person to make their own choice is not the same thing as agreeing with a choice.

These are just my top five.  Stereotypes suck and the ones above are some of the worst!  I mess up, but I would like to represent Christianity in a new light  but does not compromise the principles.   That new light starts with the washing of some of the mess surrounding the Kingdom.

What are some stereotypes you hate regarding Christians?

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