Never settle for crumbs…even in a famine.-Gabrielle Union

As I am sitting here sipping my spinach/juice/cayenne pepper concoction (it tastes awesome; don’t judge me!!!) I was thinking about the above stated quote.  I was reflecting not so much on the quote itself, but how hard it is when you may not have many suitors.  For some, it is easy because they have a revolving door of men/women pursuing them.    But that is not everyone’s story.  Everyone does not have that crutch.

So what do you do?  You have to work hard at it.  Just because someone pays some type of attention to you doesn’t mean that you have to drink it up.  You may want to. Believe me, I get it.   Whatever you do, continue to stand.  You are so worthy of a love supreme.  You are so deserving of a mirror of Godliness in a mate.   You know you are standing tall when there is no one around courting you and one person comes along and they literally “last man standing” or “only one in the room”  and you don’t allow that person to just toss you crumbs like you are supposed to be appreciative of it.  You, my dear are completely awesome.  You have the total package.   You are like the hope diamond; so beautiful, rare and priceless.   Think of yourself as a Chanel bag, or if you are a man reading this, an Audemars Piguet.  You may stay in the case for a while because most people just can’t afford you and can’t appreciate that type of quality.  Always remember balance:  Audemars Piguet watches and Chanel Bags aren’t everyone’s preference.  That doesn’t make you any less fabulous.  When you catch that person’s eye, that will snatch you out of that case and pay the appropriate price.

Don’t let someone feed you scraps from their table when you are meant to partake in the full course.

Be Blessed.  🙂

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