Hey everyone.  It has been about a week since I posted.  Some of it is due to being busy, other is due to having nothing to write…until literally now.

Life contains all sorts of moments: happy, sad, angry moments.    Right now I am super frustrated.

My frustration stems from my desire to live more than just a regular life and  that right now I am just getting by.  I feel like I have been doing that all of my life and I have worked hard to get out of this holding pattern.   Even when you try to stay strong and see the God in everything, some days you just get tired….and today is definitely that day for me.

I believe in being honest with God.  Tonight I just had to tell him that although I trust him, I still feel some type of way.   Although I want to cry, I will try my best not to give him “I” service.  I understand that every thing is done is decency and order, and I am here in this position for a particular reason.   Even with knowing all of that, I still had to vent to God.  I appreciate that I believe in a God that can take it and not get offended.  Tomorrow I will be better able to keep moving on the path God had designed for me, but right now in this very moment it is tough and  I have to dump out some baggage so I can continue.

I am grateful for this season because I know that I am learning something I need to go to the next level.   However, just because you are content doesn’t mean you won’t deal with the every day emotional issues that come with being a human.  Life is about balance, and to remain content you must balance your feelings of the flesh with your trust in God.

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