Hey People! 

I wanted to share this new kick I am on.   

I did a presentation and it was videoed.  I watched the video and was appalled by the way I looked body wise.   

About four years ago, I lost 40 pounds by eating and exercising.  By looking at that video, I put it all back on.  I looked a flat out mess. 

So last Saturday, I decided that it was time to focus on getting healthy, hence Operation Black Coffee.   The  reason why I named it this is because I am a huge coffee drinker.  I don’t use sugar in my coffee, but I put tons of half and half.  I figured on this journey, I would begin it by drinking my coffee black with no sugar or cream. 

It was one of the things I did when I lost the  weight four years ago.   I have some other  restrictions I placed on myself including: 

Altoids/Peppermints:  I am a huge Altoids chewer.  I can chew at least two cans per day.   A can of Altoids is 250 calories straight sugar.  I limited myself to only three cans a week.   There is also a bowl of soft peppermint candy at work that I would grab two to three handfuls per day.  I have limited myself to three pieces per day. 

Working out:  I workout for at least 30 minutes five times a week.  Friday and Saturday are my off days.  Last week was my first full week, and I managed to get up and workout prior to getting ready for work.   I used to be able to jog 3 miles without a break…not so much now.  I want to get back to that. 

Food:  I am trying to limit my calorie intake to 2,000 per day on workout days, and 1,860 on days  I am not working out.  My diet is full of fruits and veggies because I do smoothies.  I also eat egg whites and I am drinking more water.   I learned this week that there are some things I can’t eat in great quantity, like hummus.   However, I do not deprive myself.  I will allow myself to have things I love, like glazed croissants.   The catch is that I can only have one and  I can’t have them often.   Balance is key. 

I don’t weigh myself.   The reason being is because a scale is deceptive and for me it would send me into over drive which isn’t healthy.   However, I did measure myself.   My bust size is 41 inches, my waist size is 35.5 inches, my thighs measure in at 36 inches and my bottom/hips measure in a 42 inches.   To be honest, I like the bust/bottom/hips measurements….it is the waist I don’t like.   Loosing belly fat really comes down to what you eat so I may add more restrictions to Operation Black Coffee as I progress.  

Welcome to my journey.  I am honest, so I will tell you if I fall off. 

Do you have any health or body goals?  If so,  draft a plan and get to making those dreams reality! 

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