What do you do when things are not turning out quite like you thought?  Keep moving.

I am going through that.  I accepted a job in a new city and I have been working for the last three and a half months.   I am grateful for the job, but after I pay my bills, I don’t have any money to do much else; not even really save.   I will be  quite honest…the situation is puts me in a bad place.  I have worked so hard just have my head above water.  It is really trying my spirit.

Lately I have not been my normal self.  I have been slightly more mean; less enthusiastic.  Trying to stay focused and positive is work these days.

After a couple of conversations with God,  I was reminded that I need to remember some things:

1.  God is my source.   This job isn’t my source.  Although I don’t have everything I want, I am not worried how my expenses will be paid.  I have to continue to swim in thankfulness.

2.  I am here for a  reason.    Nothing happens by coincidence.  My steps are ordered, and those steps will not always be comfortable.

3.  This is a season.    Everything will not be easy; but it will be worth it because this is one more step to your ultimate destiny.

I am determined to stay positive, even when I just don’t want to.  I am determined to ride this season out with as much joy and grace as I can.  I will maximize my time and enjoy life in spite of not having much financial means outside of my expenses.   My moons are still aligning and I will keep moving and not waste time sulking.

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