I am a hardcore Youtuber.  I watch everything from hair videos to sermons.   When I watch sermons,  I always see comment posts from people calling that pastor a “fake prophet” and “they are misinterpreting scripture”…etc.   I am all about rightly dividing the word, but it makes me wonder how many of these people who constantly post such comments are not trying rightly divide the Word, but acting out of selfishness because the Word is being presented in a way they have been taught through their religious culture…

It is quite frankly a pet peeve.  My question always is:  What do people get out of always needing to “call a pastor out”?   What are the true intentions?  It seems as if some of the people who post comments are not doing it from a place of education and love, but they would like to tear that particular pastor down.  

I am not saying that there aren’t jack legged preachers who chop and screw God’s word.  However, I am saying that making it a point to constantly post comments that alludes to a pastor being a fake prophet and such is quite unnecessary.  God gives us all discernment, and if we tap into that, we can see past the smoke and mirrors without any assistance from a Youtube Christian Vigilante. 


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