Pretty much since the I turned 18, I have been in this “getting it together” stage.  I have been in school and trying to build a comfortable life for myself.   It has been an ebb and flow, and now I am ready to become financially stable.

I will be honest,  I just accepted a position but it is barely enough.   I am grateful that I can pay all of my expenses,  but once my expenses are paid there is hardly anything left over for the month.

There is a big difference between being content and being grateful.   I was on unemployment for a year and a half, so knowing that my expenses will be paid is a blessing.  However,  I am ready to move into that place of abundance that I have scrapped for.  Honestly, it is wearing on me at this point.  I am over it.  I have told God flat out I am over it. Working to just to be able to pay bills is draining.

I said all of that just to ask this question:  What do you do when you are in a holding pattern?   How do you remain positive about your purpose that God has for you when you are increasingly becoming weary?

Although I feel the way I feel, I know divine order is real and I must go through this season in my life to get to the next level.   Although I am equipped with this knowledge, It is an immense struggles some days…like today.    So here is what I am attempting to do:

1.  Remembering Jeremiah 29:11.

2.  Being honest in my prayers, but thanking God for what I do have.

3.  Continuing to exercise.   It keeps my mind focused.

4.  Limiting my time on social media.  This one is important for me.  People display what they are doing on social media, and if you perceive people to be having this awesome, abundant lives and you are struggling, it is a setup to put me in a bad place emotionally, so I just try to keep to myself.

5.  Staying in your lane.  Read number 4 and my blog post on this.  It is equally important.

I have been in the same holding pattern for almost 14 years.  It has been hard, especially when you think it is finally over only to discover that is really is not.  But doing things to stay positive will help me and you while you are waiting to get out of that pattern.

Be blessed.

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