Light on the window says we should get going/One more dance and we’ll be on our way/Light on the window says we should be going/Come down, sit now, let’s talk about our love–In the Meantime by King

Did you read the lyrics posted above?  Good.   Those lyrics have been in my head because every since I discovered that song it has been on repeat.

About two years ago, someone I followed on Twitter mentioned this fresh new group out of California named KING.   I was curious, so I decided to check out their EP.   One listen is all it took for me to become to hooked.

The melody floats with the musical arrangements.  When I hear their music it takes me to that place where everything is serene and beautiful.

The song I quoted above is their newest song.   It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.  Every time I hear it sends me into a dream state.  I feel love. I feel joy.  I feel wanted.

The lyrics have so many layers.  Each word fits together to form this poetic masterpiece that can be interpreted in multiple ways.    For your convenience,  the link to the Youtube vid is below:

Every song they have released I absolutely LOVE!!!!!! I can’t wait for KING to drop a full album!

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