Yesterday I decided to get some exercise.  I typically do not work out on Fridays, but I hadn’t really worked out as much this past week due to sleep issues and some other stuff that isn’t that important.   Where I live there is a lake with a three mile track around it.   I arrived at the lake around 7:00 PM.   Yesterday, there was an amazing breeze; it was not too hot.  Between the breeze, the sound of the waves from the water and the sun peeking from the clouds I felt such peace.   As I continue to walk, I listened to the tunes of Janelle Monae, KING and Goapele.  I felt so……lifted.  The feeling was so welcomed since my thoughts have been focused on my  frustration.   During that walk, my immediate purpose became less and less about exercise and more about feeling and internalizing the elements.  The wind was God’s breathe flowing through my afro and caressing my cheek.  I felt love. I felt accepted.  Then a thought entered my mind:  Your portion is perfect.   At that moment, my mind relaxed because it was God’s way of reminding me that your steps are ordered and my timing is perfect.  I don’t have everything or can do everything that I want, but I have everything that I need.  That reminder really put everything back into perspective.  As a result of that experience,  I don’t feel the tangle of frustration.  I am even more focused.  I have been recharged so I can continue to endure.    Everything was so beautiful I decided to capture the moment in the picture below.    The experience of God is that very thing that makes life worth it.  Image

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