This is going to be short. 

I want to share something I have learned:  There are times in life where the only thing that will help you is God.   There are times when your friends can’t give you the word you need to keep going when things get rough.   God is there. He and He alone is your burden bearer.  Don’t dump all of your problems on your friends. Humans are not equipped to handle extra burdens like God can.  When you get that point to where you want to succumb to frustration and anger, you are at the point where it is time to go in and focus on God, his track record in your life and his love for you.  People, divine order is REAL.  There are some things you must go muddle through to get to the next level, whatever that level is for you.  If you need to remove yourself from society to focus, by all means DO THAT.   Preservation in God is the key to making it through rough patches.  

1 Peter 5…jump on that.  

Be blessed. 

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