When I first began blogging,  I warned the blogosphere that my posts may be at times schizophrenic.   Before you read the rest of this post,  I just wanted to reiterate that…

I haven’t blogged as much because I am in this combing through and detangling phase in my life.   Life is so funny…just when you think you have it figured out,  life shows you that you simply don’t!  Let me explain: 

I love God.  I believe in being content.  Yet because of situations I just don’t have the energy to get into, I feel at times drained.  Scratch that.  I constantly feel drained.    It has simply been hard to be positive lately.    To be honest,  I am at a point in my life that I am questioning every move I have made career wise.   For those that don’t know, I am in the legal profession.  I like the legal profession; sometimes I even love it.  However at this point in my life l can do without it.   

I am up at 1:19 AM thinking about stuff that I love.    I love hair.  I love photography (although I have never snapped a picture in my life).  I love writing.  I love mixing stuff up in the kitchen.  I love encouraging people.   I have a creative side that I don’t get to explore often.  

Lately I have just wanted to pack my stuff, quit this job and go.   No plan, no safety net; just jump in my car and leave.   I don’t have the balls because of financial obligations.   In my heart of hearts, I wish I did.     I want to just drop everything and leave.  

I am looking to make some changes when I can immediately.   I pray that the Lord leads me to that place where I have longed for; where all of my moons align.    These are the times that you have no choice but to trust God.   Trusting God is at time painful; but it is necessary.  No matter what I feel like,  it is still certain I am nothing without Him.   

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