Here are some things I have learned in this thing called life: 

1.  People will define you by your past behaviors regardless if you have evolved or not.   It is an unconscious defect in humans.   As long as you celebrate and walk in your growth, the fact that other people will not is moot.

2.  People are fickle.

3.  It is okay to change your thinking.

4.  Preparation for the next level is frustrating and painful at times.

5.  Everyone will not relate to every facet of your life.

6.  Keep some things between you and God.

7.   Be sincere and stand by what you say, even if you are the only person standing by that sentiment.

8.  When the Holy Spirit has revealed something to you,  DO NOT TRY TO CONVINCE OTHER PEOPLE OF WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD/SHOWN.   Just take the information and govern yourself accordingly.

9.   When you know someone is lying to you, control how you react to the lie.


That is all I have.  Be blessed. 🙂  

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