So I am going through this thing where I am not hurt, but I am disappointed.    Have you ever been there?  It is such an odd feeling because I know what it feels to be heartbroken and I know what it feels to not care at all….on the spectrum of feelings, this is somewhere in between.  Long story short,  I am I really tired of going through this cycle of disappointment.    You meet or connect with someone,  you think it is FINALLY your season to be able to enjoy a prosperous relationship and boom……….the thing implodes. 

First let me say this:  I am SO PROUD OF ME.  I saw red flags, and instead of ignoring them, I stopped that thing it is tracks.   The old me would have NEVER done that.   It really shows how much I have grown and how much I value who I am and what I have to offer.  

HOWEVER……….it does not stop me from thinking about the situation; it does not stop me from feeling disappointed and frustrated.   Although I know that I made the absolute correct decision, it doesn’t absolve me from my feelings.    

With disappointment, you inherently ask the question:  HOW MANY TIMES IS THIS GOING TO HAPPEN??????? UGH……GEEZ…..#overit 

Although I feel some type of way,  I will say this:  At least I am not heartbroken.    I can celebrate that!!!!  One thing I have done over the past year was operate in what was natural to me without giving too much of my heart.   When I say that  God gave me some wisdom and applied  some of  what I was given ( I say some because I still made some mistakes…I will talk about that later when I am married and I give you my full testimony)  and I was protected,  I really was.   For that,  I am grateful.  

And as the saying goes…This too shall pass….


Be Blessed. 🙂 

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