This will be quick:

Making and sticking with wise decisions is sometimes hard; especially when that thing you have to decide on has a emotional component.   Sigh…… Making the decision is easy; now making sure stay in that decision is another animal.   This is one of my weaknesses.  I will make a decision and not stick with it because my emotions have control of me.   It leads to inconsistency and a whole host of other negative issues.

In order to grow out of that weak spot, here are some mantras that I keep in mind:

1.  Forget your feelings and go with  the facts.  Look at the facts because they will tell you what you need to know and whether the decision you made is the right one.

2.  Be willing to let people, places and things GO.   Nouns that are meant to be in your life will be there; and if you have to let them go they will come back.

3.  Never settle for crumbs, even in a famine ( I have this quote attached to a previous blog).

4. You can’t move into a new house if the old furniture is still there.  it is NO WAY you can receive God‘s best if you do not clean out the clutter.

5.  If you are letting go of either a relationship or an idea of a relationship:  Men choose and women allow.  What you allow is indicative of  what you think you deserve.   (If you are a man, you can exchange choose for allow in the second sentence;  the second sentence I read in a blog on Essence and tailored it to my truth).

6.  What doesn’t come out in the wash will come out in the rinse.

7. First time shame on you; second time shame on me.

Welp…there you have it.   Even when you know you have made the right choices, your emotions can make that thing HARD.  Just keep walking….keep walking.   It will get easier.  Keep those above mantras in mind.  If you feel like you have to cry to get whatever you need to get out of your system, do so.  It is part of the process of moving on.

Be blessed.  🙂

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