Today has been a really great day.  

I had a conversation with a guy that I used to really really care for  about  six years ago.   He did something that hurt my feelings.   We are still friends, but we had that natural distance that comes with hurt. 

Today we talked about what went down and he apologized. 

Although  I was over the hurt,  it really did make my heart smile for him to apologize.  

I stopped looking for an apology years ago, but it is something about hearing the words “I am sorry” that really allows one to not only close but bury that casket.   It quite frankly feels amazing.   

Today our friendship came full circle.  Circles are symbolic of completeness.     When you truly forgive a situation,  those words in the form of an apology can manifest.   I learned that today.    It may not always manifest, but  since I had let go,  God allowed me to hear those words to show me I had in fact let it go.  

I can add him to my “forgive” list.   I am not good at forgiving but I am making small strides.   Amen walls, Amen. 



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