Dear LJ:

I know right now you are so mad you want to scream.   The dust has settled and you come to realize that you HATE  the city that you live in.  You like your job….you don’t love it, but you are like it.   You want to leave….now.

You wish you knew you didn’t not have to take this job.  You didn’t know.   The reason you didn’t know is because you are on assignment.  Sometimes you feel like you understand the assignment; some days you don’t.   You hope and pray that you stint in the town is soon to be over!!!!!!!

You have to hang in there.  You can’t get depressed or angry.   This is the perfect time to focus and press in.  Remember Jeremiah 29:11.   I understand that you don’t want to hear all of that right now, but you have the focus when it is the hardest.   You are in that crazy space where you want to scream but you can’t;  you want to cry but you can’t do that either.  YOU WANT A RELEASE! YOU WANT SOME BALANCE!!!!!  I get it,  but you MUST HOLD ON.

You know when you get this way you get impulsive.  DO NOT… I MEAN DO NOT JUST QUIT AND FIGURE IT OUT LATER…exercise some wisdom and some patience.

You are closer than close.  Keep toiling.

I love you.

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