It is been a trying week.  My stress levels are through the roof.   The last couple of  weeks I have been tired in mind and spirit.  In the realness of life, even the most faithful stray away and succumb to their flesh.   Much like when Jesus was on the cross and he asked why did God forsake him,  the struggle and strife of life just becomes too much.   You know that God can move things suddenly.  At that point you just want God to MOVE.  That is it.  You don’t want to encourage yourself,  “dig deep”; nothing.  You just want God to do what you KNOW and BELIEVE he can do: JUST MOVE.  

Most times as Christians we want to prance around in this awesome “I am so blessed and highly favored” costume.   Even when you love God,  you wonder when will this torment end.    You find yourself asking when will I finally obtain some balance in my life?   And guess what:  It is nothing wrong with that.  God is big enough to handle our questions.   Our job is to never turn our backs on God no matter how bad it gets.  

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