Hey  Everybody:

I just wanted to take time out to express thankfulness to God.  I have had some trying times but when I look back on my life He has carried me a VERY long way.  He has protected me  from things both seen and unseen.  Things in the natural I see as disappointment and hurt were actually a medium of protection from God.   Although I am not where I want to be,  I am where I am supposed to be.  Lately I have been in my feelings about life but right now I just want to  thank God for where I am and where I am NOT.   This week,  I challenge you to focus more on being thankful to God.   I further challenge you to go into an intense warfare praise if things get hard.   In  2 Chronicles 20-22, Jehoshaphat sent people in singing and praising God before the army and as SOON as the people began the praise God began orchestrating the destruction of the enemy.   The Bible shows us how true praise from the heart can destroy any negativity.   God has given us tools to weather any storm.  It is up to us to tap into it.

Have a blessed week.

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