I will try not to make this too long. 

This past weekend I visited my all time favorite city Washington, D.C. for the Thanksgiving holiday.   It was absolutely fabulous.   I can’t really afford anything right now and one of my very close friends paid for me to come to DC.   I without a doubt told her thank you but words really cannot express how humbled I am to have people to love me that much that they would do that for me.  I really can’t articulate how being back in DC with good company really restarted my engines.   I will always remember this.   The ebb and flow of life sometimes makes us jaded about the intentions of people; but then there are times like this where God shows himself through people.   To be honest, it was more than just a trip out of town to celebrate a holiday….it was an inspiring experience.   

If you have friends and family that love you unconditionally, never take that for granted for it is how God  manifests his character most.  

Be blessed. 

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