Hi Folks!

It has been a little bit since I posted. I haven’t posted because I just haven’t had anything interesting to post and I don’t believe in random rambling when I write (now talking is a different story). I gave up meat on January 1 and most recently I gave up wheat and white flour products for Lent. That cuts out pretty much all bread and pasta unless it is made 100 percent with an alternative grain such as brown rice, quinoa or teff (I had some delicious ethiopian food yesterday…yum!). I have also started running again! Today I ran 2.25 miles. It is keeping me focused as a transition to the next level.

All in all I am maintaining. To God be the Glory because it could be worse and it is not. Sometimes you have to remind yourself of what you do have instead of focusing on what you don’t have.

Be blessed.

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