Hey Everybody:

It is late on a Sunday night in my part of the world. I just want to share some quick thoughts on mind and spirit:

1. As long as there is breath in your body and God is your source, you don’t ever have to stop chasing your dreams. My ultimate dream is to be well enough off financially so I can sew into others. God gave me the gift of exhortation and the more I grow in my walk with Christ the more I operate in it. I want to use my time, talents and resources to invest in making other peoples dreams become reality. i want to use my law license to create the niche in the law that combined my legal training with my gift of vision building. I am in a transition period now and I am very excited about going to the phase in my life. Once the transition is over I will give details. This next phase is just getting me closer to my dreams. Your dream may tarry but it is never lost as long as you stick to the One who gave you the dream in the first place.

2. Life is too short not to be happy. Happiness is often a choice. Life can tear into you but you have to make the choice to be a conqueror. Sometimes you will still have bad days, but when you choose happiness you don’t stay there long. I was unhappy for the first six months of moving to Austin. I decided I was wasting time and began working out again. It has helped me in my choice for happiness because I use it as a tool to prepare for the next steps in my life. I knew that moving to Austin was temporary so I instead of sulking I am using my time wisely.

3. Don’t be a slave to people’s opinions. If God gave you a vision and instructions on how to proceed with that vision, stop looking to humans to sign off on it. Protect your vision with prayer and only reveal it to people who God as approved for your to reveal it to. revealing such vision to unauthorized people will invite negativity, unsolicited advice and confusion. Unauthorized people will sometimes include family and friends.

That’s all folks. Be blessed.

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