Hi Everybody! 

Today is my Friday!  I took off Good Friday and Easter Monday for an extended weekend.   I am looking forward to accomplishing some home goals as well as playing a little bit over the next four days.   

If I don’t chime in this weekend (I may chime in if there is something taxing on my brain that I have to get out) I want to wish everyone a Happy Good Friday and Happy Resurrection Sunday!   Although the origins of Resurrection Sunday are pagan, it is what it means to you in heart that  counts  If the intention is to celebrate Jesus, you are good to go regardless of the historical background of the holiday (I have a parallel sentiment regarding Halloween, but that is a different post for a different day).

If you are skeptical about Jesus and/or the people that follow Jesus,  I would like to challenge you to open your minds and hearts to try and get to know who he is for yourself.  If you open the spiritual door, he will walk in.   

He has risen!  

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