Hey Folks!

For my fellow brothers and sisters in the Kingdom:  Happy Resurrection Sunday!  For my brothers and sisters not sold on Christ:  Happy Sunday and I hope that you will give Christ a try just to see what He is all about!

I told you all that I probably would not pop in unless I had something on my brain that I wanted to get out.  Well,  I do have something I would like to pour onto this medium and it is not going to  take long so here it is:

If you are looking at friends and other people as measuring stick of where you should be in life, stop that.  I understand that sometimes is inevitable that you do so, especially if you been through a long season of stop and start. Stop and start means that  you start to gain some momentum in your life and you are slowed down by unexpected speed bumps or even false alarms.   I am going through this exact season and have been going through this season pretty much since I was 18 years old.   I want you to remember that your life is not your own and divine order is real.   Your ministry and purpose depends on this season.  Someone once told me that you can’t tell someone how to pay their rent if they have five Mercedes Benz parked outside.  What that adage means is if you have never been through any strife in your life, you can’t tell someone how to pull through it.  This season in your life gives you credibility.  When you minister to someone, you will KNOW what you are talking about.  Having credibility is worth is weight in gold.  So my challenge to you is to try and be thankful for this season because it is just another piece to your purpose puzzle.  Also,  look how valued and wise you are!  What a gift it is to be young and wise with life experience!  Also remember that no matter how much life experience you have acquired, you can  always learn from someone else so don’t get haughty.   Again, the moral to the story is that you are blessed to have such awesome gifts to sew into people.

Be Blessed.

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