It is 1:36 AM in my part of the world and yes….I do have to be at work by 7:30 AM.  However, before I take this nap, I have to get this out of my spirit!!! You want a word?  Alright, here is what I have:

I had an issue in which I felt I was being attacked spiritually.  I consulted someone who is dear to me about it and one thing she told me was to pray and ask God to open your eyes to things unseen. She told me to pray that prayer so I am not blinded by anything that is unclean or wicked.    Man….talking about wisdom!  Every since she told me that, I have incorporated it into my prayers.  I have recently been praying that prayer to specifically  expose,  block and remove people that don’t have my best interest at heart.

Let me expound:  life is too short to have people in your life who are duplicitous.  Duplicitous individuals are toxic they must be removed as soon as it is discovered.   I am not afraid to cut ties  with someone if God shows me that a person’s perception of me is negative and you have ill intentions toward me.    I am not talking about little quirks that someone may not care for in my personality but they overall love me.  I am talking about that duplicity in which someone has played a role of being a good friend all the while in their heart of hearts they either can’t stand me or they think they need to be my friend because I am in need of friendship.  Those type of people make my skin crawl.   I pray that if there is anyone around me that has that type of heart that He exposes and removes them immediately.   I don’t care if we have been long time friends or we just met.  If you carry a duplicitous spirit, I can’t have you around.

I encourage you to do the same prayer so that the cancer is exposed and only  the people who are loyal and worthy of your love is near your heart.   Also pray for people that carry  a duplicitous spirit so they can be delivered.

Whew! Now I can drink this tea and take this nap.  Good night/morning and as always, be blessed!

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