Good Morning All. 

I was going to wait until May 30 to write this post but I may not be able to do it so I decided to do it now.   

Over the last year, I learned two things:  1. God is faithful.  2.  Life and death are really in the power of the tongue.  

1.  On March 13, 2013 I packed my apartment and moved from Houston to Austin for a new job.  Although I loved Houston, I prayed to God for stability and a chance to prove myself in the workplace as an attorney.   Along came the job opportunity in Austin.   After the excitement surrounding moving to a new place with new opportunity died down,  I quickly realized that Austin was not a city that fit my personality and sense of socializing.  Moreover, I was broke!!!!! Although I made  3451.00 per month,  I only bought home 2598 per month after taxes,  after mandatory retirement and other expenses were taken from my check.   Overall, I was miserable.  For the first six months,  I wallowed in my misery.  In January, I decided to focus even more on God and began working out again.  That focus led me to pray to God about my current life situation.   In the past when I was not happy, I would just drop whatever did not make me happy.  I have quit and walked off countless jobs without any job prospects.  Every time I did that God showed me grace.  I knew I wanted to leave my current job and leave Austin,  I did not want to make that decision without God’s direction like I did in the past.  Once I knew I was willing to gamble and leave Austin,  I asked God four questions:  1.  May I resign my job?  2.  If I can resign, can I leave Austin?  3.  If I can move, where can I go?  4.  If I can leave Austin, where can I move to?   Over the course of approximately 120 days and after intense prayer and praise, God answer all of my questions.   On April 22, 2014 I submitted my resignation effective July 31.   When I submitted my resignation, I was at total peace.  I knew God was with me and approved of my decision.  I did not have a solid job prospect at that the time, but I was willing to step out on faith.  On May 1, 2014 I applied for a position with a private company in Houston.  I got a call for an interview within an hour.   On May 5, 2014 I was offered the job in Houston.   God honored my faith in Him with a position.   Not only was I moving back to Houston,  I was going back to a job with higher pay and better opportunity.  Sometimes God waits on us to move.  If you make your move in faith and include God in your decisions,  your decisions will be honored if they are in His will. 

2.  Your words and thoughts will create your reality.   God reminded me that I used to say the only city in Texas I would live in other than Houston was Austin.  I put that in the air and it came to pass.   I used my prayer and words to get me back to Houston. In Genesis, God spoke the world into existence.   In the New Testament,  God manifested himself in Jesus and after Jesus  resurrected he left us the gift of the Holy Spirit.  That same power God used to speak the world into existence was placed inside of us so we can speak life or death over our own lives.   Your words are a manifestation of your faith.  You speak what you believe.  If you believe negative things about yourself,  you will never prosper to the next level.  Your words and your thoughts either allow God to come in and manifest his Glory through you.  Watch what you speak and think over yourself. 

The moral to the story is include God in every aspect of your life and watch what you speak into your life.  You can’t go wrong with that combination.  


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, He is faithful and our words do matter because God created us in His image and he honors His word so we ought to honor our word too. May you continue to grow in God’s wisdom! God bless you.


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