Hey everyone. I know it has been awhile but I have a quick update:

You remember that position I landed?
Well I decided to resign after four weeks due to two main reasons. Although I resigned for two reasons, I will only  talk about on this medium due to the sensitive nature of the second reason.

Essentially the position that I interviewed for was not the role in which I performed. The role was not a business management as advertised but it was recruiting candidates for work. It was outside of my skill set and nothing I could build a career on. Needless to say I am disappointed but I know that I did the right thing by resigning. I shall be carried by God’s grace and provided everything I need. I am not worried because that experience was the last hurdle before officially walking in the best season of my life.

A word of advice: Always trust God and never ever stay in a place because you are fearful of loosing stuff. Your faith will carry and keep you. Either you will stand for something or fall for anything. Choose to stand on Gods flawless record.

Be blessed.

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