Hey Everybody!

I hope this blog post finds everyone well. I just wanted to come in and share what has been going on with me. As you know, I resigned my job I accepted due to unforeseen circumstances. I am now again a solo practitioner, which was my original plan. I am trusting in what God is doing because he always has a plan. This experience is further stretching my faith in Him. I am focused on my relationship with God and secondly my business. As long as I keep my eyes on Him I will prosper. This is the most scary yet exciting time of my life! There may be times when I become anxious, irritated and frustrated but I know that I am walking into purpose and the best season of my life. I have already been blessed to live with a friend rent-free for as long as I need to. That in itself is just confirmation that I am walking in the right direction. There is no looking back at this point. God led me to get rid the job seeker app on my phone. I already have a job which is my law practice. In the last two weeks, I have launched my website: http://www.acklinlegal.com. I am marching towards destiny.

I want to leave you with this: Press toward your destiny and do not look back. You will be taken care of as long as your eyes and focus is on the Lord.

Be Blessed.

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