014Good Morning Everyone:

Last night I just had to vent and cry. I think I have mentioned it before, but the best way I can describe my life thus far is like being on a highway and there has been a major accident. I feel like I am stuck in traffic. At times I move and progress and at other times I am immobile. I am now at an immobile stage again and frustrating is an understatement. If you ever been stuck on the highway, you can equate that frustration of trying to get to your destination. You are making progress on the road, but it is slow.

Being frustrated does not equal to a lack of trust in God. Jesus trusted his Father completely, however when he was on the cross he asked God why has he forsaken him. When life squeezes you, it is natural to vent and ask questions. God is not scared of our questions. As a matter of fact, your questions open the door for dialogue with Him and therefore leads to an opportunity to hear from Him. Trust God enough to ask your questions.

Speaking of asking questions-I got a word of encouragement this morning and I know it was from God. The awesome thing about God is that He can and will send a word through any medium. My medium this morning was from the Steve Harvey show. Steve had a guest named Jenni Pullos, the author of Grin and Bear It. She said so many good things that spoke to my spirit, but the statement that stood out the most was when she said bear it for five more minutes. God knew I needed to hear that so I can endure.

You guys know I don’t like long blogs so I will wrap this up. The moral to the story is that it is okay to ask God questions out of frustration. The key is to listen to whatever answer you are given and to never let go of His hand.

Be Blessed.

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