Good Evening People! 

I am one for transparency so it is time for an update on my celibacy journey.   Drum roll please…………………..My journey has been a…………………


I understand that God’s grace in my struggle should not be  taken lightly.   But I have  to acknowledge that sex is a major hurdle for me.  It is easy to say that you are celibate by choice when there are no prospects to have sex with.  I heard a pastor say this morning that the test is when you want it, can get it but have the strength in the Lord to say no.   

I am simply not there.  I am making a concerted effort, but this is a true battle.  Right now I am trying to get to the point to where I am ready to engage an accountability partner.   Something I have learned on this walk is that is  WALK and as long as I keep walking the things that are not of God will fall away.  

I shall therefore keep walking. 

Be Blessed. 

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