Lawd its so hard/living this life/of constant struggle each and every day/some wonder why I rather die/than continue living this way/many are blind and cannot find the truth/but no one seems to really know/but I won’t accept that this is how its gone be/pharaoh got to let me and my people go/I wanna be free/totally free/Lawd please come and save me……—-Goodie Mob 

It is 3:05 AM.  I am up for a  good reason….I promise.  Bear with me because this blog may be long so let’s get started.

Upon accepting that job,  I planned to move into my apartment in Houston August 1.   Of course those plans were thwarted when I had to resign.  Instead of moving into my apartment,  I am essentially starting over.   The furniture I worked hard to purchase in 2012 had to be sold.  I am dumping things that are not essentials.   I moved in with a friend who is gracious enough to open her home to me.  At first I was sad, but God brought to my attention the last time I had to do something similar in 2006.  I was  then moving from D.C.  to Houston to start a new chapter in my life.  Eight years later,  I am doing the same thing again: starting a new chapter.    And the number eight is the number of new beginnings……… 

He also bought to my attention that now since I am living with a friend and don’t have any furniture or a apartment lease I am free to really make my dreams come true.  I can take a pay cut and do something that I have always wanted to do:  work on a political campaign. I have time to network and build my business.  

 My ultimate dream (outside of making my business viable) is to move back to Washington, D.C.  As much as i love Houston,  D.C. is where I am in my element.  I feel the most comfortable; the energy is just amazing.    With no lease, no real belongings and just me and my car, I can really work toward making that dream come true.  Anyone that knows anything about D.C. understands that you can’t just up and move there.  You need some tools in your box first.   Now I can work on building my business and taking my business with me to D.C. 

When the consignment shop picked up my furniture,  I it really hit me that I was not bound to anything.  I felt free as a bird.  I can really just up and move if I wanted to.  I am sure I won’t do that since I have don’t have the authorization from the Holy Spirit to do that……just yet *wink*.  Just the fact that because I was willing to let some things go that I am in a position to receive God’s best makes my heart sing.    I know that Lord is preparing that place for me that I have always dreamed of; that place where I am not bound by finances, emotions, nothing.   I am excited to see what God is doing.     Lord, do what you do best.  


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