Yesterday I had a really neat experience. I went to a crepe as coffee cafe in midtown Houston for a caffeine fix. I saw a gentleman that looked like he was at very best down on his luck. He had coal black hair and this really pretty bronze skin. I said hello to him and he responded by asking for a large cup of coffee. For some reason I immediately said yes. I purchased our coffee then I proceeded to pour some half and half in the coffee cups when I heard the Holy Spirit say “tell him that God loves him.” I then heard a quick correction to say Jesus loves him. I don’t have a real explanation as to why there was a correction other than for specificity. I obeyed the instruction when I gave him his cup. He has such a look of gratitude in his eyes. That look filled my heart. I have helped people out before but the feeling associated with that encounter was different than anything I have ever experienced. It was more than a feeling of doing something nice. I felt loved and I felt at peace. I apologize for not having the right words to describe it outside of the cliche terms, but it was a spiritual experience.

The Bible speaks of entertaining angels unaware. I wonder whether I had that encounter yesterday. I may never know, but what it did confirm is to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit at all times.

Be blessed.


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