Hey Folks!

I just wanted to spread out what was in my spirit onto this here medium.

In your walk with Christ,  always remember this: people will have an opinion about your relationship with Christ.  Some people will feel that you are not living for Him if you do certain things that they feel are ungodly.   Some of your actions may not please the Father.  The trick is to JUST KEEP WALKING.   No matter what behaviors you participate in,  if you JUST KEEP WALKING those behaviors will wither away.

It really irritates me when people take on that Pharisee spirit and categorize people in to the “saved” and “unsaved” columns if their relationship with Christ does not look like they think it should look.   Some people are instantly delivered from their proclivities, for others it is a process. So when people relay their opinions to you (whether it is expressed verbally or through other means like their facial expressions or body language)  REMEMBER TO JUST KEEP WALKING.  You are responsible for your relationship with God and they have no Heaven or Hell to place you in.

Be  blessed.

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