As you are well aware,  the St. Louis County Grand jury found no probable cause to charge Officer Darren Wilson with any crime against Mike Brown.

Just a little background:  Mike Brown was shot by Darren Wilson while his hands were up.  He was shot several times, including a shot to Mike Brown’s head.   Mike Brown was unarmed.

The Mike Brown travesty is a direct result of people not exercising their right to vote in local elections.  All politics are local.  Local elections are the MOST important.  Local elections are where you elect your judges, district attorney, mayors and commissioners.   If you cannot see how the dots connect to Mike Brown’s death, let me connect them for you:

Mayors are elected by the people.  Police chiefs are appointed by the Mayor that is elected by the people (some jurisdictions may elect their police chief/sheriff).  The police chief is responsible for the personnel infrastructure at the various police precincts.  Hence, the police chief either places the individuals who hire your police or makes the hire directly.

The same connections apply for judges.   Judges are elected by the people.  The judge then selects the Grand Jury.   Furthermore,  a trial jury is  selected in most jurisdictions (Texas is an exception since the state requires only a driver’s license)  from the voter rolls.  Hence, if you are not registered to vote, you won’t sit on the jury in most states.  See the connections now?

Unfortunately, the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri played a role in his death through their apathy.  Ferguson has a history of poor voter turnout.  Even with the most recent election there are reports that show only 42% turnout.   What if Ferguson had decent voter turnout?  Could Mike Brown still be alive?  I argue yes.

When you  do not exercise your right to vote, you allow elected officials to put people in places of power that view people based on stereotypes and treat people accordingly.  In Ferguson, the apathy of the people allowed a crack for a Darren Wilson to enter the police force.   Darren Wilson saw Mike Brown as an animal and he hunted him as such. Now we have yet another dead but unarmed black child with no remedy.

It is true you can’t trust a system that wasn’t designed to protect you, but if you don’t exercise your right to change that system so the tide can turn, can you really be that upset with the system?  One can get upset and make all of the lofty quotes until one is blue in the face, but it is futile if you refuse to participate in the system and try to effect change.

I hope this is the beginning of true change.   THE FAILURE TO VOTE KILLS PEOPLE.  Let’s take some responsibility and stop skipping local elections.  Let’s stop acting like we want to go to work when we get that jury summons.  Let’s be about it and not just talk about it on social media through a series a intelligent sounding quotes, photo ops and hashtags.

Let’s stop bringing a fire truck to a fire that is already out of control.   Let’s take preventative measures so that the fire never starts.

I’m done. Good night.

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