Hey Everyone!

I want to do something a little different and start out this piece with some definitions–

Faith:  Faith is the substance of things hoped for; evidence of things not seen.–Hebrews 11:1 

Fleek:  Setting the standard; optimal-  at its best.  

Faith on Fleek:  When your faith in the Lord is so strong that no circumstance surround you can shake or rattle your foundation.  Your faith in the Most High and Almighty God moves mountains.  

I am an avid Youtuber.  I think that Youtube is the best invention since the wheel!  I can watch every off the wall documentary I so choose.  I am like a kid in a nerdy candy store.

During one of my Youtube excursions, I watched a sermon from One Church LA where Toure Roberts is pastor.   One of the members of the praise and worship team had a shirt that said “Faith on Fleek”.   It instantly caught my eye and made my brain churn.  I knew what the operational definitions of both words meant, but I began to ponder on the meaning of those two words/colloquialisms together.  Moreover, I began to ponder what that meant for me personally.

My faith in God has grown and continues to grow as I continue to walk.  My faith is molded by confirmations, revelations and sometimes even correction from God.  My faith still some times waivers.  But as my faith grows,  I am quicker to my feet when life circumstances happen.

Regarding the fleekiness of my faith,  I would have to honestly say it is on fleek because my faith is at the best level it has ever been.  Five years ago, I was in a mental wilderness with little trust in God’s promises. Through an evolutionary process which included pain and victory, my faith foundation is sturdy.  Although the wind may blow  and the building may sometimes sway, the building hasn’t tumbled to the ground.   The dope thing about faith in Christ is that it is tested, it grows; your faith is just as alive as your relationship with Christ lives. Hence, your fleekiness of faith is fluid.

Is your faith on fleek?  I challenge you to take that personal reflection.  If it isn’t,  what do you plan to do to get grow your faith?

Be blessed. 🙂

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