Good evening loves:

I know you have heard pastors talk about grace on several occasions.  As such,  I am sure you know the operational definition.  Just for quick review,  grace is at its foundation a kind of spiritual insurance you can cash in when you perform an action outside of the will of God; forgiveness instead of punishment.

As I mature,  I realize how important it is to extend grace to your loved ones.  As people age,  their personalities and lives become more complex. People will unconsciously take their problems out on you.  I know I have spewed misdirected anger and hurt.   Just remember when encounter that experience,  try to first think about what issues that may have triggered your friend or family member to react negatively toward you.  Second,  think about the times you may have disseminated unnecessary negativity and your friends/family gave you a pass you probably didn’t deserve.

Grace preserves relationships and saves you stress.  Grace is also an indicator that you are operating in Jesus’s way and image.

The next time you are met with opposition and you want to fight fire with fire–remember the grace route.  It is worth it.

Be blessed.

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