I am sounding off from the cell phone tonight because I am too lazy to pull out the laptop.

First things first: Sorry for the wait. Last week was turbulent but I made it! Speaking of making it….the closer get to God the more fine tuned my gratitude becomes. It’s not about the big picture anymore. I see Him everywhere and in everything. I can name at least five times he delivered and graced me over the last five days alone.

The closer I get to Him, the more I can rely on the “knowing” in my spirit. The knowing assures me that whatever storm comes along I am in the proverbial boat of provision and victory. Regardless of the circumstance, I am protected and the outcome will always be to my benefit. No matter what I feel like, I know that the outcome is another piece added to my road of purpose.

If you aren’t quite at the point where you can function in gratitude regardless of the circumstance, don’t worry. Walk with God at your own pace. You will get there. I just arrived myself.

Sorry in advance for any mistakes. I usually do the edit/post/edit thing with my writing but tonight I will more than likely leave it be.

That’s all I have.

Be blessed.

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