You see the question above?  It is an important question.  However, I have a confession:  It annoys me.

If you have stepped foot in a church in the last ten plus years,  you have witnessed during the portion of the worship service where individuals who want to accept Christ are given the option to do so.  I think that rocks.  What I don’t like is when the pastor tells you to ask your neighbor are they saved.   I almost abhor it for the following reasons:

1.  The moment is sacred and does not warrant nosy intrusion from saints.   Most people come to Christ at pivotal times in their life and it is usually not even in church.  That moment is between you and Christ.  A person does not need an interrogatory to help them make that decision.

2.  It is uncomfortable.  Someone asking that question may make the other person squirm or either withdraw, especially if they are teetering the line.  People don’t like folks in the personal space/business and salvation is very personal.

3.  It is really no one’s business but you and God.    See number 2.   BONUS: if someone is saved,  you will be able to tell without asking.

4. It may force someone to lie in church.  When the question is asked, someone may automatically say Yes just to avoid further questioning and forcing someone to walk down the aisle.

Christ rocks but people have to come to him at their own time and own way without any questioning or prompting.    Accepting salvation is the most important decision in someone’s life and it should not be rushed.

That’s all.  I may be back with a double header later on.  If I don’t come back today, charge it to my head and not my heart.

Be Blessed.

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