Hey yall: I am sounding off from the cell phone again because I needed to get this off my chest. Charge any grammatical errors to my phone typing skills.—LJ
I wrote of post about the little things that God does for me and how grateful I am for those things. Although I am grateful, I also have pockets of frustration. For me, they exist in the same place. I am as equally grateful as frustrated.

I am a firm believer of controlling what you can control so you can live the best life possible. The major sources of my frustration at this point are totally out of my control. I cannot change the circumstances right now. Conversely, I can control and change my perspective. I just refuse to lend mental attention to my frustration. I choose to focus on the blessings and gifts bestowed upon me. I will be the first to tell you that some days the focus is easier than others. But I am determined to stand on my square of faith and rest in God. His Word says he will perfect what concerns me. I am not going to allow frustration snowball into anger or any other emotion that will rob me of my quality of life.

In order to stand on my square, boundaries for me are necessary. I will put up any barriers to negativity, even if that means going off the grid and not being available to listen or advise someone on their concerns. If I cannot listen to someone complain about their life today, I won’t. If you don’t have the head space for someone else’s drama, you don’t have to entertain it. Just come back to them when you can. There is a reason why flight attendants tell passengers to put their own oxygen mask on before helping someone with their mask. You can’t genuinely be in position to help someone else if you don’t have what you need to help them.

I said all of that just to say that I choose abundance, victory and happiness and will do what is necessary to live in a space that promotes that life.

Be blessed.

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