Hey Folks!

its been a minute so let’s get to it.

So….if you didn’t know I moved back to Houston in June 2014 with  a job only to quit that job four weeks later due to the company’s bad business practices.  The original plan was to pay out the lease on my old apartment and move into my new apartment in Houston in August.  Since I had to leave my job, I had to move in with a dear friend and her children.   Its been over six months.

The practice isn’t going like I would hope.  I am actually in prayer regarding me practicing law.  Stay tuned for that update.

Don’t get me wrong:  I am grateful to have someone gracious enough to share their space with me.   However,  it does wear on me.  I don’t feel like a full fledged adult. I had my own apartment since I was 21.   I will be honest, sometimes it makes me moody; kind of like now.   I really miss being able to come home to my own place, get out of my clothes and lay on my own couch.

Now that I am done venting (thanks for letting me do that) l can get to the what I really want to address.

When you are in a phase of your life that you are not completely happy with the current circumstances,  the best thing to do is find something to focus your thoughts on.  You can’t focus on what is bothering you or what you wish you can change that instant.  Focus on the positive things. No matter how much you don’t feel like do so, thank God for what you do have and the blessings bestowed upon you.  Some days it may be hard, but make an effort to press in.  If you simply can’t do it that day, be honest with God and ask him to give you enough grace so you can focus.    Try to stay in a grateful place.  Life can kick you in the shins, but it you find a positive space to dwell in, it will make that storm easier to ride out.

Thank you again for coming in on my self sermon.

Be blessed. 🙂

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