Yesterday,  Mrs. Tonisha Bell-Alston lost her life to cancer.   I did not know Tonisha personally, but I knew of her through other friends and associates.  Although I did not know her,  her story touched me deeply.  She fought her battle with the utmost style and grace.  Every picture I saw of her she had a smile on her face.  Her smile spoke volumes.  It was a smile of victory and strength.   Although her life was difficult due to her chemotherapy,  she never stopped seeing and believing the best was yet to come.   She always remained grateful and lived in hope.  Cancer ultimately took her life, but it never once took her mind or spirit.  She was able to keep pressing until then end.  Her life was not in vain.   Because she belonged to God,  her very presence touched, motivated and inspired others.  She may have lost the battle, but she won the war.

The way she chose to live her life taught me this lesson:  You can live an abundant life no matter what your circumstances are. Never let your circumstances keep you from living out your earthly purpose.  Every minute counts.

Well done good and faithful servant.  You have won your war with Cancer.  Now  you can lay down your weapons and go fly with the Angels.

Please check out her story above.

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