Hey Peeps!

I am reporting live from a lunch break at Whole Foods in Sugar Land, Texas!

I love Whole Foods!  I feel 10 pounds lighter when I walk in the door!  All of the fresh, organic foods and products takes me to a happy place!  My trip here prompted me to write this post.  Before I get into the meat,  I want to ask a question:

When you have been through season after season of your life not quite going the way you want it to, how can you live the life you want in spite of your circumstances?

Here is how I learned to do it:

Break your perspective down  into bite size peices.   Don’t focus on everything at one time.  Look at your life and your resources and ask yourself what can I do with my current resources that will allow me to participate in activities that bring joy into my spirit?   For example:  I work for myself and my solo practice really isn’t bring in much money.  I have been handling cases, but I am paid through as an independent contractor and the kicker is I am paid every 60 to 90 days.  As such, my finances aren’t stable.   However,  I can afford gas, a gym membership and the occasional meal out.   My dream life includes being able to workout all of the time, eat awesome food all while I have super stable, disposable income.  I don’t have much disposable income, but I can workout and on occasion get a meal. Therefore, I have been running and really getting back into shape.  It has really made me happy.   Today, I went for a run and then got a great salad at Whole Foods (if you were wondering how Whole Foods fit in, that’s how).  Guess what: I am living the life I want!   I may not have every piece to my dream puzzle but I am enjoying the pieces I do possess.

The moral to the story is you may not get to live every part of your dream right now.  But you can live some of it.  If you are dead broke but it is your dream to be able to sit with a latte and write, you can start a free blog (also one of the things I did)!  When you start the first paragraph,  you are actually living out a peice of your dream life.  You may not have the coffee, but you have the writing peice.   Find joy and solace in that.   It helps with your perspective and your mental and spiritual  endurance.

Most of all, give God thanks for those peices.  The Bible demonstrates that if your are faithful over a little it shows God you will be faithful over an abundance.

DISCLAIMER:  When you have endured season after season of harship,  sometimes it can nearly be impossible to apply such principles.  Have a bad day, but don’t let that bad day stretch to two bad days.   Make a concerted effort to invest in your life.  Fight for yourself.  Even if you can’t find an avenue to live out at least a portion of your dream life, still tell God thank you.  Gratitude can be the first step into changing your circumstances.

Start living the life you want. Now!

I hope this helps someone! Be blessed!

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