I just read my last post and some other previous posts.   My blog is so schizophrenic—but I would not have it any other way.

If you feel that my blog is inconsistent, that because it is.   However,  it is TRANSPARENT.  I strive for transparency.   The Christian life is a WALK.  not a sprint nor a track meet…A WALK.  On that journey you trip, stumble,  fall down and even take a break from the walk.

I reveal my life because as people ( especially women) are the best liars.  Women have a gift of lying to themselves.  We put on happy faces, we lie and say we know our self worth when in real life we don’t even know the meaning of self worth or self love.  Women care how they are perceived by other people—-especially men.  Women are so scared to be perceived as thirsty– Guess what—you may be thirsty!!!!!  How can you heal and become your best self if you don’t own it????  I am a voice for the woman who can relate but chooses to be silent.  Some people have people bondage.  I don’t (for the most part)  so I can speak and stand on what I say regardless of how it is perceived.

My sister always taught me to stand in my own truth.  My own truth is that I am a Christian who expresses her Christianity differently from the status quo.    I do agree with every Christian regarding the the foundation of our faith, but I don’t agree with every Christian on how to express your faith.   This blog is how I express my faith and how my faith is folded into every area of my life.  Some parts are weaker than others.

Honesty and what God wants to reveal drives this blog.  I am not here for that woman or man that had a two parent household and a foundation built for them.   That is not my audience.  There are women and men out here DYING because they feel inadequate and worthless due to their life experiences that were both in and outside of their control.  To the women and men that had fatherless homes, mothers were absent,  love was absent and you are trying to build a foundation through God as an adult: I AM HERE FOR YOU.  THIS IS FOR YOU.   I am  in the trenches with you.  I am assigned to your part of the Kingdom.

I love you.  Let’s grow together.

Be blessed.

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